Hässleholm tourist center

Hässleholm Tourist Center


When is the Tree House open?

Hovdala Tree House is primarily a conference centre designed for groups of 25 people. In the summer months it is a café and from here you get a magnificent view out over Finjasjö lake and parts of Hovdala Nature Area.

The tree house is situated in a beech forest opening approximately 2,5 kilometres from Hovdala castle. If you want to walk here from the castle you can follow the trail signs to the west up the hills - along Hovdalaleden trail / Jakten på Gullspira trail (orange or white signs).

A new restaurant and conference venue are planned to open during the second half of 2022.

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Hovdala Tree house is situated in a beautiful setting in a beech forest.

Hovdala Tree house in beautiful setting. Photo: Sven Persson/swelo.se

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