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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Welcome to a magical world at Hovdala Hiking Centre

Welcome out and hike

Trail status

The hiking trails at Hovdala are in good condition right now, so you are more than welcome to come out and enjoy our beatiful area and the highlights of the forseason.

Slingra Dig bird platform is available again after a rainy and wet period.
The alder marsh Alslingan is being reviewed and repaired. It is planned to be ready until the sword lilies begin to bloom in early June.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a good water quality from the water tap next to Mölleröds Kungsgård, north of Finjasjön. The tap has therefore been closed until new samples can be taken and approved.

(updated May 17)

Get a map of the hiking system

Feel free to get your own copy of the hiking map from the mail boxes at Hovdala castle - at the parking or the gate tower. When the castle shop or Boketorp are open you can also get personal information from here!

Hiking map for Hovdala Hiking Centre Pdf, 31.6 MB.

Dammslingan 4 km is now marked with trail signs. Some of the other trails have been adjusted out in the fields with new trail signs.

Experiences for peace and relaxation

Come and check in to Hovdala Hiking Centre, south of Hässleholm by Finjasjön Lake for stunning hiking experiences. Hiking in the woods around Hovdala can be likened to being given the keys to thousands of large and small rooms just waiting to be discovered, each with its own charm and character. Awaken your senses. Listen, smell, spy, climb and let your imagination run wild. Hovdala is a place where you can get energy to your body and soul, in every season of the year.

You are invited to a unique nature area that has been shaped of violent earthquakes and the Ice age in the past. In this borderland between the barren Scandinavian bedrock and the fertile European plains, you find a huge variety of nature that is so typical to the northern part of Skåne. Here you meet ridges and high altitudes with beautiful views, ravines and down valleys, winding streams and roaring waterfalls, beside ponds and lakes, the remains of volcanos and wide pastures and tranquil meadows.

Some hikers and their dog are out in fir forest with moss covered stones at Hovdala hiking centre.

Discover some of the magical rooms in Hovdala Hiking Centre. Photo: Johan Funke

A unique hiking system

The hiking system at Hovdala consists of the round-trip trails Höjdarnas höjdarled 22 kilometres, Jakten på Gullspira 21 kilometres, I Posta-Nillas spår 26 kilometres and Finjasjöleden 20 kilometres. Some of the trails are figure-eight shaped and suitable for full- or half-day hiking. For those who do not want to go that far, there are shorter trails and walkways. You can also spend your time hiking and relaxing in nature for several days here, as Hovdalaleden is 57 kilometres and takes 3-4 days to make. Hovdalaleden is a combination of the very best of the four round-trip trails and it is part of Skåneleden trail north-south.

There are wind shelters and rest areas with picnic tables and barbecue facilities close to the trails. If you would like to stay the night more comfortably there are accommodation possibilities and restaurants along the trails or more centrally in town.

From where can I start?

Start from Hovdala castle or Boketorp

You can preferably start your hiking from Hovdala castle. This is a natural meeting place in the middle of the nature area with parking and information boards with free maps 24/7. Check the opening hours for a visit in the shop, restaurant and café. You can combine the half-day alternatives to create your own exciting full-day excursions and for example take a longer lunchbreak in the restaurant or a visit to the castle, the park and the gardens.


Another suitable starting and meeting place is at Boketorp, next to the castle, where you find barbeque facilities, water, toilets and information.

Travel by train and start from the central station

You can travel to Hässleholm with your hiking shoes on and get a good start directly from the train station in Hässleholm. You will find trail signs on both sides of the station area and after just a few kilometres you will arrive into forests and nature. You simply follow orange-coloured signs for Hovdalaleden/Skåneleden trails or red signs for I Posta-Nillas spår (eastern or western direction).

Three ladies outside one of the round shaped windshelters at Hovdala.

The unique wind shelters next to the Tree House at Hovdala. Photo: Johan Funke

Stay overnight in wind shelters

Sleeping in nature is a part of the hiking experience. Enjoy the new scenic and magical campsite "Between Dusk and Dawn” with three architect designed wind shelters. In a birch grove next to Trädhuset (the Tree house) overlooking the view of Finjasjön and the beautiful landscape, you can stay in the shelters Birk, Birka and Ronja that fits up to 15 people. Pre-booking is required.

Traditional wind shelters, with no possibilities for pre-booking, you find at campsite Hässleholmsgården and Göingeåsen.

Please note!

You can only book the wind shelters 90 days before arrival day!

Trail signs

At Hovdala, each trail has a name and a symbol that connects to the trail’s character. The trails are marked with trail signs and colour markers on posts and trees.

The Hovdalaleden trail is marked with signs of Hovdala gate tower and shows that you are in Hovdala Nature Area. The trail also forms a part of the Skåneleden trail and is therefore marked with two additional variants of orange trail signs. If you come to a blank sign, keep following the trail straight ahead. If you come to a sign with hikers that turn right or left, the path changes direction and you follow the arrow.

You can get a map for free at Hovdala Castle from the information board at the parking lot or next to the gate tower. Or we´ll be glad to send a map to your home address!

Order a map to your mailbox


Trail markings along the trails at Hovdala Hiking Centre.

At Hovdala, each trail has a name and/or a symbol that connects to the trail’s character. Photo: Peter Jönsson

Trail descriptions

Hovdalaleden - 57 kilometres with the very best

The absolute best of nature and cultural experiences from the four trails in the area form Hovdalaleden trail, which is part of Skåneleden North-South. Here you can spend your time hiking and relaxing for several days, if you wish. Stay overnight in tents, wind shelters or in a nice bed at any of the surrounding accommodation facilities. You pass several nice stops and viewing points along the way and we can guarantee you varied experiences in this mosaic landscape of natural types.

The Hovdalaån valley is home to one of Sweden´s most diverse bat populations. Combine your hiking with an exciting bat safari!

Two lady hikers are on their way over a wide heath with a nice view out of the lake.

The heath of Äspehöjden with a view out of Finjasjö lake. Photo: Bjarne Öhrling


Höjdarnas höjdarled with beautiful viewing points

Along Höjdarnas höjdarled trail you are rewarded with gorgeous panoramas from the east and west ridges where you can advantageously take your coffee breaks. The trail runs mostly on footpaths and minor roads. The scenery is varied with open meadows and hills with sheep paddocks, beech covered ravines and glens. The trail Höjdarnas höjdarled is in total 22 kilometres long, the east part is 13 kilometres and the west is 9 kilometres.

The eastern portion begins at the old craftwork village Broslätt and continues along the ravine to Hammarmölledamm. Brönnestad stream, which lazily winds its way through the countryside on your way towards Brönnestad, where there are opportunities for horse riding on Icelandic horses and staying the night at a cosy B & B or a hostel. On the way up to Göingeåsen, you pass Posta-Nilla’s cottage, which has been moved from its original location, and the Cold War Rock Cavern. At the Göingeåsen campsite, there is a wind shelter, toilets and a barbecue area if you want to stay overnight. Now there are still a number of beautiful views before reaching the castle.

The western part of Höjdarnas höjdarled trail, begins in the castle courtyard and the Conservatory at the castle. After a few kilometres, you will come to the Gold Coast with a walk along the shore. It directly takes you up to the gorgeous views of the Dalleröds klack and Hovdala Trädhus (Treehouse). Here you can spend the night in nature at the new campsite "Between dusk and dawn" with two unique and architect designed shelters, named Birk, Birka and Ronja. The tour ends at Tullkvarn where you can see the gushing waters of the stream from the overlooking bridge.

The trail signs are blue. For the eastern part you can start at Boketorp and walk south. If you rather prefer the western part you go north to Guldkusten towards lake Finjasjön.

There are lots of resting areas around the hiking centre

A nice place to sit for a break is on the platform next to the Tree house. Photo: Inhokus by Funke

Jakten på Gullspira - along narrow paths in the untouched nature

This trail´s name brings to mind the fable of a goat kid who escaped to experience many adventures before arriving safely back home again. We hope that you too will return with many new experiences and memories having hiked the Gullspira woods.

Hikers need to pay attention and be alert as this trail offers close encounters with somewhat wilder and more untouched environments. You step out into a virgin forest and follow walkways across damp marshes and bogs. Keep an eye out for volcanic remnants.


The whole trail of Gullspira is 21 kilometres in total, the west part is 12 kilometres and the east is 9 kilometres. If you would like to spend the night in nature you can book a shelter at the new campsite "Between dusk and dawn". Three architect designed shelters - Birk, Birka and Ronja - are located near the Treehouse, overlooking Finjasjön and the beautiful nature area.

The western trail begins at a higher altitude and beautiful panoramic views at both Hovdala Trädhus and Dalleröds klack. You might expect to see a white-tailed eagle in the distance. The Glada Geten dairy farm is the perfect place to stop for coffee and a chance to shop for some locally produced goodies. This is Gullspira’s home, can you find her?

After a few kilometres you reach the bog and the wooden deck for a relaxing break or maybe yoga? Enjoy and feel the peace and quiet among common Cottongrass and hare´s-tail Cottongrass. Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the “King of the Forest” along the way back towards Tullkvarn and the castle.

Along the east you pass the beautiful forest pond and the remains of Biblioteksruinen. While on the knoll over Hammarmölledamm is a perfect time for a coffee break. The trail continues past the ravine and traces of what was once the health spring “Hennes Nåds Källa”. Towards the end of the trail, you get the chance to feast your eyes on the breathtaking panoramas of the landscape from Äspehöjden.

The trail signs are white. For both the eastern and western parts you can start at Boketorp.

Visit the Glada Geten Dairy Farm

Photo: Glada Geten Dairy Farm

Hiking over Äspehöjden at Hovdalaleden trail.

Photo: Bengt Jonsa Johnson

I Posta-Nillas spår - from town to castle

Get off the train, lace up your boots and start walking. Getting to the nature reserve here from the centre of Hässleholm is easy. Follow I Posta-Nilla’s spår trail from the city to scenic views and tranquillity. You walk past buildings that played a significant role in the city and countryside’s history. Hässleholm was founded in 1914, but began life in 1860 as a railway station on the main north-south line with just a few houses on a heather-covered heath.

The trail I Posta-Nillas spår is in total 26 kilometres long. The eastern and western parts of the trail are 13 kilometres each. This trail reminds us of of Posta-Nillas walks. Nilla Jönsdotter, so even called Posta-Nilla, carried the post for the Ehrenborg family to and from Hovdala for more than 50 years. During her long life, she estimates that she walked the equivalent of 4½ laps around the world.

The trail takes you to Magle Wetland, which is an eldorado for birdwatchers, flower lovers and strollers. You come to Trolldammarna – a nice oasis suitable for your first coffee of the day. Along Göingeåsen you will be greeted by a fair number of uphill sections, but in return the payoff will be a beautiful view of Hovdala plain and Finjasjön Lake before reaching Hovdala Castle.

On the return leg back to the city, the trail passes by the place where Posta-Nilla once lived, just before the waterfall at Tullkvarn. Towards Hovdala Treehouse, you will then walk through flowering pastures with grazing cows. Don´t miss a stop at the new campsite "Between dusk and dawn" overlooking Finjasjön and the nature area. This is probably the most cosiest and nice campsite in Sweden? Here you cand spend the night in a rural setting in one of the architecht designed shelters Birk, Birka and Ronja.

From here you go through forests where white anemones bloom near Finjasjön north towards Hässleholmsgården, dating back to the Middle Ages, which has given the city its name. Today the farm has been converted to a space for a youth hostel and a popular meeting place for events.

The trail signs are red. You start and end at the train station in the centre of Hässleholm or from Boketorp near the castle. In Hässleholm you find trail signs on both sides of the station area.

Hiking Festival Event at Hovdala.

Hikers towards the castle during a hiking event. Photo: Jens Christian.

Finjasjöleden - around the lake in easy terrain

The Finjasjöleden trail is 20 kilometres long and follows paths and minor roads through lush lakeside forests, past bathing spots and settlements. You are never far from the lake on this trail and you are regularly treated to pleasant views of the water.

Along the Finjasjöleden trail you will find “Europe’s rainforest” by Sweden’s longest alder marsh walkway, Sweden’s oldest settlement and Slingra Dig, an architect-designed bird platform. With the help of binoculars, you can see some of the shorebirds and some of the other species that thrive here, such as the Eurasian curlew, common snipe, redshank and the peewit. Make a detour to the ruins of Mölleröd castle with a newly restored moat.

At Skyrup Golf & Hotell you can stop for a good lunch and spend the night. If you rather prefer to stay out in nature you can pre-book a shelter at the new campsite "Between dusk and dawn" close to Hovdala Treehouse, with a beautiful view out of the lake Finjasjön and the nature area. The three unique and architect designed shelters Birk, Birka and Ronja are embedded in a birch grove with a rural setting.

You can start your hike on Finjasjöleden trail with a visit at Hovdala castle, where you also find good parking possibilities. Then follow the trail I Posta-Nillas spår to the west, and after a few kilometres you´ll pass Hovdala Tree House. Or follow Höjdarnas höjdarled trail from the parking towards Guldkusten and you will connect to Finjasjöleden trail.

The trail signs are pink.

Do you need tips for how to combine the trails?

Tour arrangements as inspiration for your planning.

Along the Alder marsh walkway

Along the alder marsh walkway with flowering yellow lilies in May or June. Photo: Lars-Erik Williams

This is the hiking map of Hovdala Hiking Centre.

Photo: Bjarne Öhrling

Some hikers walking in wetlands covered with moss.

Photo: Johan Funke

Shorter rambles and walks

Dammslingan 4 kilometres - in beautiful beech forests

Experience the cultural heritage around Broslätt which was once Hovdala’s craft town. The trail continues along the ravine up to Hammarmölledamm, which gave the trail its name. You pass Biblioteksruinen, which are the remains of a library and the “erimitage” that Michael Ehrenborg’ started as his intended place of seclusion. Finish the walk with the picnic basket and views of the area. From here you can see both the castle´s gate tower and out over beautiful Äspehöjden.

The trail signs on posts and trees are yellow.

Alslingan 6 kilometres - along Sweden´s longest marsh walkway

Walk through “Europe’s rainforest” while keeping your feet dry thanks to Sweden’s longest alder marsh walkway, 1.6 kilometres. Alder marsh forests are rich in biodiversity and exceedingly wet, meaning that they are often difficult for visitors to access. You pass Sweden’s oldest human settlement where 14,000-year-old flint objects have been discovered. Small roads transport you from the medieval Finja church to today’s recreated lakeside meadows.

The trail signs are red. Alslingan is part of the Finjasjöleden trail and Hovdalaleden trail.

Hundslingan 6 kilometres - have fun with your "doggie"

Take your dog on a playful walk and exercise using the natural features of the site. The dog-walker’s trail follows parts of the Finjasjöleden trail and passes through Dalleröds broad-leaf forest. Keep your dog on a lead during the walk. At the start of the dog-walkers’ trail on the Gold Coast there is a larger enclosure for your dog´s playful activities.

The trail signs are lime-green.

Leisure trails at Hässleholmsgården 2,5 kilometres lit trails / 5 kilometres / 10 kilometres

Hässleholmsgården is a youth hostel, a popular meeting place for events and a gym with access to changing rooms and a sauna. The farm, which dates back to the 1500s has given the city its name. The 10-kilometres-trail extends west to Alslingan and the ruins of the Mölleröd castle.

Map of leisure trails around Hässleholmsgården External link, opens in new window.

Leisure trail at Tormestorp 1,8 kilometres lit trails

Lit trail in hilly terrain next to the alleys at Tormestorpsåsen. Ski trails in wintertime.

 Hammer mill pond with a shiny water mirror and deciduous forest around.

Photo: Johan Funke

The river south of the castle flows along fine beech forest.

Photo: Marie Kåberg

The alder marsh walkway in Finja goes on a long footbridge.

Photo: Marie Kåberg

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